Photo Kiefer Sutherland « The Bay Boy »

Photo Kiefer Sutherland

Thanks Jennifer

2 commentaires à “Photo Kiefer Sutherland « The Bay Boy »”

  1. Jennifer Marie Hafeman 4 août 2012 à 6:25

    I fell in love with Kiefer in his film The Lost Boys. It was the first film of his that I ever seen I never knew that he would have such an invisible hold on my heart sometimes it feels like as if it has ruined me for other men but I manage to love. I fantasize about kiefer a lot mostly when I am lonely.I dream of being his companion and being a shining light in his life. He sent me his Autograph and I cherished it greatly until I became ill and threw it out I wasn’t well and discovered that I had a manic depressive illnes an illness that is treatable. I had little control of what I had done and wish to obtain another autograph but what I really want to do is to personally thank him and apollogise for writing all of those manic letters. I felt terrible I see kiefer as a man who understands and will be merciful.I am now a published poet and an Author.I have written poetry about him and have wrote about him and my manic ordeal in my book « This Child Military » To protect his identity I did not mention any names.I know that at this moment I am writing this in the comment section of this web page. I came here looking for the definition of Monkief. And inspite of what I all wrote of my love and admiration as well as my ordeal.I want to say Kiefer Thank you. Jen

  2. meg little 31 juil 2012 à 15:33

    oh, God thank you for making kiefer so beautiful!!

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