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FHM Magazine – 2002 :

Album : FHM

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Février 2004 – Play Boy

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Rolling Stone (2006) :

Rolling Stone
Album : Rolling Stone

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RadioTimes (2009) 719445radiotimes


24 heures à Toronto avec Kiefer Sutherland (24 hours with Kiefer in Toronto)- 2003 (clic) : 284599americanway


Interview Télé Loisirs (French magazine) (septembre 2009) :

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As exchanges with you a Frenchman?

Culture. I am absolutely overwhelmed by all this cultural wealth. When I go to Paris, I never know where to turn my head there are so many things to see and appreciate.

If you need to reincarnate in French, which would you choose?

General de Gaulle. When a man comes to play an important role in the history of his country is fascinating.

Could you have a career in France?

I would love to work with French producers and directors. I also try to practice French as often as possible, which is not always obvious. I love your language, but it is really difficult.

In your opinion, what image do you have in France?

Since the series 24, I think I have a pretty cool, despite some deviation of conduct … [he smiles.]

What makes you ashamed?

My mistakes often make me ashamed. For example, being arrested by police for drunk driving was extremely embarrassing for me.

Your principal defect?

I have remained very childlike. As I recently told my daughter [Sarah, 20, editor's note], I’m sorry to grow in the same time. I make mistakes that I regret later.

The quality you most proud of?

I am a perfectionist. Every night I go to bed with a desire to be even better the next morning when my alarm clock. I always try to do my job the best way possible. Otherwise, my greatest pride is my daughter, she is wonderful. She is a remarkable student, she is being completed his third year at university. She writes extremely well and, through it, the world is much better for me.

What irritates you?

The government that is currently leading the United States. The time is ripe for a big change. I hope that the results of the next presidential election will go in that direction.

What attracted you?

I’ve always been curious about humans. I like people. I think people are absolutely fascinating.

What would you like to be told about you when you won’t be no longer there?

Despite its mistakes and misconduct, the daily struggle of Kiefer Sutherland has always been to become a better man.




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